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Sakura Expedition

Sakura Expedition is a unique company in the Andes. Offering alternative tours with the sole objective of teaching our clients the beauty that Peru has, as well as supporting the remote villages to develop using alternative routes. Our elaborate programs allow us to attend all types of passengers, including our low-income customers. Within these programs, there are programs tailored to your needs.

Sakura Expedition based in Cusco, Peru. Nelly Ccolqque, born in Cusco, a young female worker who from the end of school to 16 years dedicated to work to get ahead, at 18 years made the decision to study Tourism, culminating his career and graduated as Official Guide of Tourism, He began his work in tourism in prestigious travel agencies to acquire more knowledge and thus he dedicated himself to the guided in trips of Adventure, Trekking, Cultural and more.

When embarking on his career saw that there are many tourists who do not get to know Machu Picchu also saw that there are many villages not only benefit from tourism for that reason we have seen new routes through small villages so they can access and so see this wonder of the world that is using transport and helping the development of the towns bordering Cusco.

When did the company start?

  •  Sakura Expedition has been working since 2014.

Why did the company start?

  • Create more jobs for the inhabitants of each village on the route and help low-income tourists.

Why should I travel with Sakura Expedition?

  • Because it is a 100% local company, we have the best transport logistics, best guides, drivers and itineraries.

Our team:

We have the best equipment, to offer a good quality of service.

  • Our Office Counter: They are professionals in the career of Tourism ready to be able to help in their concerns.
  • Our drivers: Drivers with years of experience with licenses sent by the Ministry of Transport on the routes we work.
  • Our Guides: Professionals graduated from the Tourism career specializing in specialized programs they will give you all their knowledge acquired during their years of work.


We know that the most important thing is to satisfy our customers. It is for this reason that our commitment is to offer a quality service, punctuality, security meeting and exceeding your expectations.

For this in our company is developed according to the needs of our client. To achieve our goals, we have the following commitments:

  • To teach our work team the levels of the organization and a culture oriented to the client, so that we will know what their needs are and how to act on them.
  • We will carry out continuous quality control of customer service, so that we will have feedback on the management of our service, informing us of the areas that are being weakened for immediate improvement and thus achieving excellent levels of service
  • For our team, we will use methods to motivate them, for a good performance of their area and appreciate the work done by them.

Vision of the company in the future:

The company Inversiones Turisticas Turisticas Sakura Expedition has many visions, in this competitive world for this year we only point to 2 very important visions in business.

To be a company very recognized at national and worldwide level and in the tourism sector providing a service of excellent quality to its clients.

Principles and Values ​​of the company:

Sakura Expedition has had a Code of Professional Ethics for several years. This was formed jointly with our work team receiving opinions so we have managed a professional management among all employees, Manager, suppliers and contractors of the Company, independent of the position or of the function they occupy.

For Sakura Expedition, relations with its workers, contractors, customers and other groups are very important. From here they begin the basis of mutual relations that must be distinguished by trust and transparency. These fundamental premises of conduct are established and consolidated conceptually in our Company policy.

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The Sakura Expedition Transportation Company has SOAT Obligatory Insurance for traffic accidents that covers for each seat, Seat Belts in each Seat, Fire Extinguisher, First Aid Kit, Oxygen Ball, GPS, Vehicle Insurance.

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